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Earn Points for Your Posts - admin - 09-11-2014 11:51 AM

Why Post Here?
Quote:Reason #1 :Referral links ARE allowed. When you start a thread about a new program, post your referral link and gain new referrals

Quote:Reason #2 :Forum Signatures=free advertising. Go to your profile and add a signature. This is a short message, that can include links to your website or blog or referral links to other programs

Quote:Reason #3:Points=gifts and cash. Every time you make a post or thread here - or make or vote on a poll, rate a thread, refer a member or even just login you will earn points. (And for thread starters you will earn points each time someone replies to your threads!). Keep these points as they are exchangeable for great gifts and even cash.

Click HERE to see HOW MANY points you earn for different activites

Simply make a post here when you want to claim one of these great gifts:

100 points ~ 5,000 ptc credits and 50,000 banner ad credits at
250 points ~ 25,000 ptc credits and 500,000 banner ad credits at
500 points ~ 100,000 ptc credits at (that's 100,000 visits to your website or blog!)
2,800 points ~ an entry to (value $6)
3,000 points ~ $3 cash (perfect money)
3,200 points ~ $3 cash (other payment processors)
9,800 points ~ lifetime banner advertising on all the sites in our network!

***members with 5 stars under their name can enjoy a 5% bonus
***members with 6 stars under their name can enjoy a 10% bonus

Quote:Reason #4: Competitions, special offers etc. Make sure you often check this area of the forum: for competitions and other great offers for members

Forum Rules
Quote:Mostly just be sensible. Don't spam, don't make pointless posts, don't flood the forum etc. Be sensible, have fun.
There is a limit on the number of posts a member can make ~ the limit is an AVERAGE of 10 per day ~ if one day you make 5 posts and the next day make 15 posts for example that's fine, as long as your average is 10 or below.

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - dave33 - 03-28-2016 10:05 PM

That's quite interesting to read!!

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - Trantoan94 - 01-08-2017 11:58 AM

Thank you!

I don't know

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - Lancerov - 02-21-2017 05:26 AM

How do i convert point to cash

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - admin - 02-21-2017 11:34 AM

Simply PM me (admin) when you have enough points.

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - Lancerov - 02-26-2017 04:08 AM

Thanks for your post i have learnt a lot.

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - DreadlockedPunk - 02-18-2018 08:40 PM

Hi all...this is my first official post on this site, I was checking out various opportunities to make an extra buck online and was referred to this site from If anyone has a few words of wisdom for someone who is definitely money motivated, please let me know. Thanks!

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - Jaynshi - 05-11-2018 01:07 AM

Great article since am new here. Looking forward to earning points.

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - Pradhan - 08-04-2018 12:58 AM

I am a new member from Bangladesh. I have not enough knowledge about this forum. I hope I can learn a lot from here.

RE: Earn Points for Your Posts - msmoneybags - 08-04-2018 04:41 AM

Where can we see the points accumulated? I have been searching everywhere but cant find them