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Full Version: Earn Points for Your Posts
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Every time you make a post or thread here - or make or vote on a poll, rate a thread, refer a member or even just login you will earn points.
(And for thread starters you will earn points each time someone replies to your threads!)

Keep these points as they are exchangeable for great gifts and even cash.

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That's quite interesting to read!!
Thank you!

I don't know
How do i convert point to cash
Simply PM me (admin) when you have enough points.
But i dont get credited when i log in
You don't earn points for logging in. Points are earned for almost any other action (posting, voting etc.) currently you have 131.1 points
Thanks for your post i have learnt a lot.
(03-28-2016 10:05 PM)dave33 Wrote: [ -> ]It is very insteresting!!!!
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